Strengthened by the experience acquired in the field of manufacturing woodworking machines, we can offer a complete range of systems for wooden pallets and containers, ranging from the complete nailing line to different types of hydraulic nailers (belt or carriage alternating), and to machines for preparatory work such as pack cutters and block cutters. All specifically designed and engineered to optimize the pallet production process.


CONTINUOUS-CYCLE HYDRAULIC NAILING MACHINE. Built with a high-strength steel structure, it features quick-change jigs and a high-power output for precise and fast processing. Ideal installed in tandem for high volume large-scale serial production of 2- or 4-way pallets.
HYDRAULIC NAILING MACHINE FOR LARGE PALLETS. The Master hydraulic nailing machine can be installed in a complete processing line with other auxiliary machines and large automatic stackers.
ALTERNATING HYDRAULIC NAILING MACHINE WITH ADJUSTABLE SIDE RAILS. Designed for fast format changes with format programming via touch screen panel. Nailing system with brushless motor and rubberised belts. Ideal for work with a single operator. 8-hour daily production capacity of 500-800 pallets. ESS (Energy Saving System) hydraulic system for energy saving.
MASTER HYDRAULIC NAILING MACHINE. Can handle large and small pallets, as well as perimeter pallets. Designed to drive 30-45 nails at once.
HYDRAULIC NAILING MACHINE ON SHUTTLE TABLE. The CHA shuttle table hydraulic nailing machine is an ideal, precise and fast solution for companies with an estimated 8-hour daily production capacity of 500-800 pallets, where fast format changing is essential. Compatible with bulk nails of all types.
HYDRAULIC NAILING MACHINE FOR CRATE SIDES. Machine designed for nailing large pallets and crate sides. Bulk nailing system with laser measurement of dimensions. High production speed, extreme flexibility and the use of bulk nails are key features of this innovative nailing machine.
The ALL IN 1 is an innovative hydraulic nailing machine, that can nail the top and bottom of the pallet at the same time by means of a double bar. The clamps are designed for perfect nailing of pallet bases without any risk of nail jams. The machine is designed for production of multiple pallet types with fast jig changeovers.


AUTOMATIC PACK CUTTING MACHINE (TPA120). Machine for cutting packs of boards, with cut from bottom to top, designed according to considerable weights and masses. It is entirely managed with PLC logic.
AUTOMATIC BLOCK CUTTING MACHINE (TTA550). Highly productive block-cutting machine which ensures outstanding quality with reduced operating costs.